Summer 2006

gary - prince
June 2006 -- Gary Innes, Scottish musician and shinty expert, visits us. Here we play at The Prince of Wales in San Mateo. Michael played too, but didn't make it into the picture! And a few days later, the three of us plus John Taylor had an even better session at O'Neil's pub, but alas, no photos survive....
gary - pub
It wasn't all music and shinty, we took Gary sightseeing as well. After a day of wine tasting in Napa, Iain's friend Nancy joins us for dinner. The waitress wouldn't serve Gary because he didn't have ID with him, but somehow beer and whiskey kept showing up at his place!
edf - kapela
It was a busy week -- during Gary's visit, I participated with Lowiczanie in San Francisco's "Ethnic Dance Festival." The Polish band was chosen to entertain the audience in the lobby before each show. Lots of fun.
EDF - mixed band
The real fun of any festival is always meeting other performers. Carol (second from right) and I know each other from classical music, but at the festival she was in a Turkish dance. She also plays Mexican music and introduced me to the musicians from the Mexican group at the festival.
pw - formal
Then it was off to Pinewoods Camp in Massachusetts. Here is the band on "formal night."
pw - teeshirts
And here we are on "Yves Moreau tee shirt" night -- but did someone miss the dress code memo?
gigue - chlopaki
I went from Pinewoods to small festival in Quebec, where I met up with two of my favorite Polish friends, Tadek and Rysiek.
gigue - kapela
Here we are playing at the cocktail party for dance group directors and visiting dignitaries. Tadek and I are joined by Bruce, whom I last played with at Disneyworld in 1995!
gigue - zzz
Jamming or sleeping, always a tough choice....
july 4
After the festival in Quebec I stopped in Manchester, NH to see friend Christine. Was there any food to be had at midnight? No. But on the morning of July 4 I flew to Nashville to visit sister Joy, her family, and my parents. Here Joy and Nicholas (5) decorate a holiday cake.
stockton - rom
And then it was time for the Stockton Folk Dance Camp. Rumen and I in our "Esma" pose....
stockton - kapela
The whole Stockton band -- Barbara, me, Rumen, Milen, Evan. The last night at camp we grabbed Georgia the photographer and asked her to take this great picture.